Safety Measures
Fire evacuation drills conducted twice a year
Evacuation plan displayed in all classrooms
Trained fire wardens to fight fire & assist children in evacuation
Trained first aiders to help unwell/ injured children
Health & Safety Committee
Comprises the Principal & two senior teachers to regularly monitor the health and safety of students
‘Suggestion/Complaint Box’ to ensure that the concerns of students will be addressed by the Principal on a daily basis
A Children’s Protection Committee comprising the Principal, a parent, the Head Boy/Girl and school administrator to ensure the protection of students
Children’s movement outside classrooms monitored by teachers
Security sentry at all gates
No unsupervised interaction between children & visitors within school campus
Parents/visitors entry restricted to the office area
Identity cards
All children and parents issued with a school ID card
Parents to show ID card to enter school and collect children from school/ bus drop point for Grades I to V
School ID card worn by all school staff while at school
ID cards valid for one academic year only
School campus under CCTV surveillance
Children’s movement outside classroom recorded and reviewed
Safety on Buses
Buses fitted with specified speed governors
Fire extinguishers and first aid kits present on every bus
Children looked after by trained attendants
Provisions for GPS tracking and SMS updates to parents
Optimum number of children in every bus