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      SVCS is affiliated with the Central Board Of Secondary Education (CBSE), which is structured by a national curriculum and follows the National Council of Educational research and training (NCERT). We follow the education policy as per National Education Policy (NEP) 2020.

     Our academic curriculum is designed carefully so that our students become responsible global citizens with 21st-century skills. Accordingly, we have introduced our pedagogical curriculum that aids in improving a student’s communication, social, cognitive, and other skills that give them the ability to think globally. Professional and experienced teachers are the backbone of an academic curriculum. Our highly experienced, trained and motivated faculties develop the curriculum by brainstorming skill-based programmes where children get to think critically and find appropriate solutions on their own using research and self-initiation in their academic pursuits.

     Education is an ever-ongoing process needed for creating disciplined and emphatic students. Assessment, evaluation and reporting are based on stated CBSE curriculum expectations and achievement criteria: skills acquired, developed, and mastered. Therefore, our teachers are unlearning and learning new techniques and methodologies to keep abreast of the changing scenario. This objective has enabled new technology approaches and innovative methods in teaching and learning at SVCS.

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