Life at svcs

At SVCS, students are encouraged to be self-starters, to find their passions and strengths, and to
work hard to develop in the areas that might not come as quickly to them.

Every individual is championed and empowered with the kind of “bouncebackability” and “can-do”
attitude that will take them forward in what we hope will be a lifelong learning adventure.

   SVCS students are encouraged to pursue their passions with the same vigour as their academics. They have the opportunity to explore a wide range of activities, trying skills they’ve never before encountered.

   Children arrive at SVCS aged three and begin learning the basics of the pre-primary curriculum. However, they also start discovering what they enjoy, whether it’s Music, Dance, Arts, sports, or participating in the School Council.

   Students are prepared to speak up, share ideas, present debate and reason with confidence and enthusiasm. We want our students to think about their passions and encourage them to take the lead and have a say in their learning journey. As a result, they are involved in decision-making and
become self-reliant.

   Children from middle School learn one or more musical instruments, join the school sports team, and learn skills which feed back into their academic work. So as not to overwhelm them during the start of their school career, clubs, sports facility, and cultural events inside campus maintain their mind of interest along with their academics.

   Both staff and students are encouraged to take learning beyond the classroom. Our playground, music room, amphitheatre and allotment allow us to offer our students the opportunity of outdoor learning and expand their knowledge beyond the classroom walls.

   Experiential learning is part of our curriculum, which teaches students to examine their actions, thought processes, and emotional responses. Here at SVCS, we believe experience-based learning is more effective for imparting knowledge and valuable to students in the real world. While reading textbooks and filling out scantrons may be the norm, we want to expose our students to this curriculum which provides more opportunities. We have dedicated structural planning for Experiential learning, which provides guidance, mentorship, and opportunities for students of all ages.

Outdoor Learning Benefits:

  • encourages curiosity and reflective thinking- problem-solving in real-life situations
  • develops adaptability, communication skills and collaboration
  • develops love and appreciation of nature and the environment
  • develops self-awareness and independence
  • provides positive physical and mental health benefits
  • assists fine and gross motor skills


In every steps we guide them to be more comprehensive.