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SVCS is a platform that truly connects the academic with the extracurricular, offering students an opportunity to grow up as well- rounded individuals who are mentally capable and physically fit. Holistic development of every child is the main aim of S.V. Central School. The school faculty consists of a dedicated team of highly qualified and experienced teaching staff. The teaching methods are fine tuned with high standards of CBSE curriculum to ensure a strong conceptual understanding and academic rigor which enable our children to perform exceedingly well. We recognize and celebrate success in all areas. Keeping in mind the overall development of the child the school provides ample facilities in various fields like dance, music, taekwondo, yoga, sports, SUPW and Abacus training.

SVCS is committed to raising the student's academic achievement by providing rich opportunities to keep pace with the computer era and information evolution. The school hosts a huge activity room, well equipped library, maths labs, computer lab and science laboratories.

We believe in the power of learning and the role of technology in bridging the gap in the quality of education among various sectors of society. We expose the students to fabulous infrastructure like Interactive smart boards, Globarina English language solution, Rainbow learning and school cinema which is a learning module on life skills, values and attitudes, developed through research and taught using short films and thought- provoking work books. We provide Address school Health programmes which are based on the WHO guidelines for school health. We have incorporated Curiositi which enables the students to learn mathematics in a fun and interactive manner and Adaptive learning platform for hands on training in science. We impart Mypedia Insight which is an assessment tool that enables teachers and students to leverage their learning experience by providing systematic feedback on student performance. We are also associated with Neverskip which is an online performance Tracking Service that enables tracking of student's performance and sending messages to the Parents.
S. V. Central School believes in redefining quality education. We aim at nurturing the children and creating. 'A world of Difference'.

Bengaluru, INDIA