Our Partner

Educomp Solutions Ltd
Interactive Modes of Teaching with Educomp Smart class room boards.

Edumedia India Private Limited
School cinema for the subject life, conducts workshops about moral education, separately for Parents, Students & Teachers.

Rainbow Learning Academy Pvt. Ltd
Vocal improvement Programme from Basic fundamentals to Grade 2.

Address health Solutions India Pvt Ltd
Panacea comprehensive school health programme along with qualified doctors conducting health checkups, workshops &counselingsessions.s

Curiositi Learning Solutions Private Ltd
Hands on experience with science experimental Quest Kits & supply of worksheets from class 3 to 8.

eDreamsEdusoft Private Ltd
'Funtoot' personalised learning solution for mathematics, it is an intelligent and adaptive personal tutor that teaches the children in an interactive manner based on each child's I Q ,

It is a mathemagic, uses a unique structure which helps kids develop conceptual understanding, computational fluency and problem solving ability skills that will help them achieve their goals in real life with multiple Intelligence.