Events & Activities

An inter-school talent search organised for performing and visual arts, as well as sports.
Young Champs
Aimed at children between Nursery and Grade V, Young Champs is an event looked forward to all year round. It comprises competitive sports and other games - helping children associate health and fitness with having a good time.
Hungama is an annual Pearson event that takes the form of a fun festival or a fete. Taking place around Childerns day every year. This is a rare opportunity for children to plan and organise their own activities and events. On this day, rules and regulations are relaxed, and the notion of childhood itself is celebrated with carnival-like fervour.
An annual event that acts as an inter-school platform, allows children to showcase their literary, artistic, and musical talents. The event revolves around a specific theme, often with a national connotations. It gives children an insight into Indian culture,seamlessly integrating learning with fun.
School Magazine
Our Yearly magazine containing information and photographs of the activities taking place across the school.